Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year Expectations

What is it about a new year that opens up a new hope of expectations and promises that we try to make for ourselves that we never end up keeping? Basically, it's earths odometer flipping another number (on a similar note, I was very excited the other day when my van flipped to 55,555.55, and made a wish that my van would loose weight over the next mile). So in the spirit of things, what do you want to happen in the world of things we cover in the next year? Here's my top ten lists of hopes for the new year.

10. A Bigfoot Or Bigfoot-Like Creature Is Discovered
How great will it be to throw it in the face of all the skeptics that thought everyone was crazy "oh, that thing doesn't really exist, you people are all loonies" Not only do I want them found but I want them to be given equal rights. I want bigfoot to hold a job, get his drivers license, and vote.

9. I Want To Be Abducted By Aliens
This way I will know that once the new world order hits, I have a chance to move somewhere else

8. A Decline In The Word "Paranormal" Being Viewed As Only Ghost Hunters
This annoys the shit out of me and would like people to realize that there is more to it than just that.

7. UFO Hunters To Get Renewed

Bill Birnes is an awesome guy and this is a show that we need more so than yet another ghost hunting program

6. A Good Non-Slanted Abduction Documentary On A Non Cable Network
Every time they have something along the lines of these, it's always digging at the people that have been abducted, and poking fun at them. Can we get one that is not agenda driven? I doubt it'll happen

5. A Bailout For The People, Not The Corporations.
How fast would our economy turn around if they gave every American $1,000,000? For one, it would cost less than what they have given to the banks and the awful companies (AIG ANYONE?) that use the money to take expensive vacations. People would pay off their debt, and start buying more things, keeping the stores in business, the manufacturers in business, and the banks.

4. The Global Warming Scam To Be Fully Exposed
We already know it's a scam, but the national news that has been bought by the government has been trying really hard to keep it hush hush. I want the entire world to know exactly how big of a scammer and con-artist Al Gore really is.

3. Full Disclosure

Why won't they just tell us what we already know? What are they hiding? I'm sure we won't get it, which is why we need the number 1 on this list even more.

2. Even More Great Guests On Our Show
We have been very lucky to get the great guests that we have on here just doing this thing by ourselves, no corporate help, no agents, no media contacts. All us, it's been a lot of work, but the joy we get doing the show, and the great friends we've made during the past couple of years more than makes up for it.

1. Full Revolutionary War
Barry Obama was right about one thing; We need a change. What we don't need is the change he's offering, which is pocket change. Our government has let us down in a huge way. We need to rise up to overthrow them and give America back to the Americans. It's not about voting out those that are in office anymore because we've been shown time and time again that it doesn't work. The new people just continue the last guys bad job. We need an entirely new system. WW2 is what got us out of the last depression, we're already in what will probably be dubbed WW3 down the road and it sure as hell isn't helping us. Our joke of a government had completely and totally let the American people down. Epic Fail


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