Saturday, January 3, 2009

Launching in 5...4...3...2...

Launching in 5...4...3...2...

Ready for liftoff. So it goes when we begin again. As much as I loved the name and the show of The Paranomalists, things were happening that were forcing a change. Anything ranging from people having priorities over the show to the name, as catchy as it is, not being as user friendly as it could be. Just as death metal logos that are so intricate that they are illegible; our name was sort of a sour point as far as people finding us. I loved the name, but Paranomalists is not something that just rolls across the keyboard, it's not something that one is used to saying, and it's not a common term in the dictionary... or in the dictionary at all for that matter. Our numbers were there for downloads on other sites, but I think if people were looking to find our show online and more about our show, it was a little difficult. It also didn't help that there was another show that used the more user-friendly term The Parano
malists. So what do you do?

Ash and I decided to take a look over the situation. We took inventory of what we had and what we have coming up, decided to close the door on The Paranomalists, streamline our production, start holding auditions for 3rd mic, and start The Parafactor running at full speed at the beginning of the year (also it was nice to get a small break from the show to be with our friends and family over the holidays). Luckily we won't have the growing pains that we did with The Paranomalists because we have all of the equipment already, we have the know-how to keep things running smoothly, and we have the connections that we need for what we do. We are listening to older shows and finding what we did that worked and what didn't work and how we can make things even better than it already was.

The Name Game

The hardest part of the whole process so far has been coming up with a name. Do we keep "Para" at the beginning of it, or can we come up with something that covers what we do without that. Then you have to take into consideration about how things look when written and how they sound. For instance, Paraspies sounds cool, like paranormal spies, but how easy would it be to look at it and see par-aspies... ass pies?!? Exactly. ParaPhiles sounded really cool until we decided it would make us seem like we wanted to molest underage ghosts, and ParaSyndicate sounds great, but it's just too long to put on a hat or bumper sticker. We also briefly looked at Para-Guys until we realized that sounded like a homo-erotic porn. Finally after a week and half of thinking of different things and calling each other at all times of the night, we settled on The ParaFactor. Now for the next step that killed a lot of names that we came up with prior... is the URL available. After doing some checking, we discovered that
,, and
were all available. We wanted
, but that is taken. The site that has it looks as if it hasn't been updated in quite some time. I sent an e-mail to the address on the site to try to bargain with him for the URL and offered assistance with coming up with another name and an interview on our show, but he declined. Hopefully one day he will change his mind but until then the offer still stands. So that has been our last few weeks. Check back next week for more news and updates about The ParaFactor!


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