Friday, January 16, 2009

ParaWeek in Review

This week has turned out pretty good for us, we got some press on Anomalist with Ash's John Palifox Key story and we had Jesse Marcel Jr on the show last night to talk about the Roswell crash and his fathers experience in the military prior to the wreckage. We also had a couple of more auditions and lined up a couple more so that process is still going on in case any of you are interested.

Also in the news this week we have had NASA admit that there is some form of life existing on Mars, Obama is set to be briefed on the existence of UFO's and Extraterrestrial life, there were "V" shaped objects flying over Chicago, and to top it all off, MosterQuest is about to go on the first Yeti expedition of the year. Just two weeks into the New Year and it's already shaping up to be an exciting one.

And to end the weekly blog this week I want to give a huge thank you to Jesse Marcel Jr. for coming on the show. Also, raise your glasses for Khan and Number 6, better known as Ricardo Montalbon and Patrick McGoohan, you'll both be missed. Cheers!


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